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ARTIFACTORY is a multivalent, flexible nexus that envisions a culture-driven society. It is a nonprofit organization based in Epirus, Greece, operating though internationally since 2017. The founding members of ARTIFACTORY are involved in more than 30 years in the design and implementation of EU and national funded projects in the domain of culture, civil society, cultural heritage planning, cultural heritage audiovisuals, tourism, VET training, mobility and academic research.

The goals of the company, which the partners are committed to serving continuously and collaboratively, are intellectual, educational, research, social, scientific, developmental, cultural / cultural and in no way speculative, but with a clear European orientation and partnerships. Specifically the objectives of the company are specialized in carrying out the following activities:

  1. a) Empowering civil society by securing access to information and decision-making, promoting solidarity and volunteering, actively contributing to the development, creation, implementation and implementation of programs to combat the social and economic exclusion of vulnerable populations.
  2. b) Supporting sustainable economic development, through entrepreneurship and social economy programs, supporting European and international cooperation through the creation of clusters, research, transfer and diffusion of innovation.
  3. c) Providing services of culture, tourism, environment, ecology, education, utilities, promoting effectively local products, preserving traditional activities and professions and creating, managing, developing collective brand elements of innovative products and services in the field of culture and tourism; environment and whatever that includes as well as education.

Artifactory operates locally, internationally and internationally.

The main objectives of ARTIFACTORY in the fields of

(a) culture and the cultural and creative industries are:

  • Exploiting the potential of culture and the arts as a key tool for resolving social conflicts and linking the experience of cultural heritage with the cultural and creative industry (CCI)
  • Research of digital heritage and new audiovisual languages ​​that guide professionals in developing a new narrative about Europe

(b) tourism

  • improving cultural heritage tourism and training tourism professionals in understanding the socio-economic potential of cultural and natural heritage
  • raising the awareness of communities, professionals and policy makers about the socio-economic potential of cultural heritage and encouraging cultural projects, initiatives and investments.

(c) education and training

  • developing training for cultural heritage professionals and addressing the shortcomings and mismatches of skills in the field of cultural heritage
  • developing training for tourism professionals in an ever-changing knowledge ecosystem
  • participation in training and development of the individual skills of the organization’s members in a permanent development effort

(d) local communities

  • helping local communities and youth discover local cultural heritage potential and enhancing their capacity in heritage planning and management
  • sharing cultural heritage values ​​and integrating young people into opportunities for non-formal learning and international mobility
  • empowering and supporting young people to act responsibly and creatively for their communities and heritage and to contribute to improving their lives and professional skills through culture and the arts.