Child and Adolescents’ Center

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The Child and Adolescent’s Center maintains 6 Institutions in Chios and Athens. It is the largest non-profit company in Greece based in the region on the island of Chios. The Child and Adolescent Center’s is an Urban Non-Profit, inspired by the spirit of Social-Community Psychiatry, contributing to psychiatric reform in Greece.

The Child and Adolescent’s Center has served by the end of 2020 8,528 children, teenagers, adults and at the same time, it guides and supports their families in every possible way. It is recruited by a 100 member specialized staff (child psychologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, logo-therapist, occupational-therapist, music therapist, special educator, physical education instructor, preschool educator, psychologist-career guide, nurse, health visitor etc), while at the same time it cooperates with a great number of outdoor co-workers.


– To create a better future for people with psychiatric / psychological / developmental disorders and their families, offering quality Mental Health and Special Education services.

– To implement information and awareness actions of the public, with the ultimate goal of eliminating discrimination, so that the beneficiaries enjoy their lives more and more, coexisting in society without exclusions.

– To train mental health professionals to improve the services they offer to beneficiaries and careers, helping to improve the quality of life for both.