“EDRA” - Social Cooperative Activities for Vulnerable Groups”

Fields of activity: Human Rights, Social Welfare, Health, Arts & Culture, Sports, Organizational capacity building

Τarget groups: People with mental health issues

“Social Cooperative Activities for Vulnerable Groups” (Abbreviation: K.S.D.E.O. “EDRA”) is a Nonprofit Organisation - Social Cooperative, that has been active since 2001 to promote mental health and protect the rights of vulnerable groups. EDRA provides mental...

Action for Women

Fields of activity: Human Rights, Gender, Other

Τarget groups: Women

Action for Women is a Greek registered NGO, run with, for and by women, pioneering The Pomegranate Project based in Athens. The Pomegranate Project is Greece's first holistic model of protection and empowerment for women over 18 years old fleeing conflict, violence and...


Fields of activity: Social Welfare, Arts & Culture, Organizational capacity building

ACTION PLUS Social Coop operates in the areas of 'culture' and 'society'. In that context, we: -design cultural activities -offer trainings and seminars to third sector organisations on capacity building -help organizations design sustainable projects consistent with their...


Fields of activity: Human Rights, Advocacy, Good governance & transparency

Τarget groups: Other

ART HUB Athens

Fields of activity: Arts & Culture

ART HUB ATHENS - International Cultural Platform Culture & Arts for Social Change - Culture and the arts have the power to induce tremendous social change. ART HUB Athens is an International Platform for Cultural and Creative Expression in which artists and activists from...

Art Traces

Fields of activity: Environment – Climate change, Arts & Culture

Τarget groups: Other

artefact athens

Fields of activity: Arts & Culture

artefact athens is an independent non-profit arts organisation, based in Athens, Greece, and the brainchild of dr Kostas Prapoglou, archaeologist-architect, contemporary art critic and curator. Having developed a keen interest in notions of transnational and transhistorical...

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