The bilateral cooperation initiatives that have been approved under the Fund for Bilateral Relations are the following:


BR PromoterInternational Development Norway ASCountry: Norway  
PartnerInstitute of Entrepreneurship DevelopmentCountry: Greece 
The main purpose of the proposed initiative was for IDN to meet with potential partner organizations in Greece in order to discuss and design joint project proposals for ACF. IDN met with the following organizations while in Greece: The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development in Larissa; S.E.G.E. Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs, Euroconsultants/ IATAP & Q Plan Internation in Thessaloniki; and Ance Hellas, Social Hackers Academy & InterMediaKT in Athens. As a result of the bilateral initiative 2 project proposals were submitted under the ACF calls.
Ιmplementation period: 8/5 – 21/6 2019

BR PromoterΑΙΤΙΜΑCountry: Greece 
PartnerNOASCountry: Norway 
The two organizations have been in co-operation for ten years through joint reporting and case management as well as regular exchange of information. The two organizations wish to strengthen and deepen their partnership through common activities, exchange, sharing and transfer of knowledge and experience. Specifically, the proposed initiative consists of a feasibility study and mutual visits for exploring the possibility of implementing a joint monitoring project later this year. The monitoring project would have an emphasis on people being returned to Greece from Norway (and possibly other Scandinavian countries), but also include persons in Greece with asylum seeking or refugee family members in Norway
Ιmplementation period: 30/4 – 5/6 2019

BR Promoter: PanHellenic Association of Adapted Activities ALMACountry: Greece 
Partner: Institutt for anvendt atferdsanalyse ASCountry: Norway 
A team of 3 ALMA associates will visit the premises of IAA in Norway in order to strengthen and develop the cooperation between the two entities, aiming at the exchange and transfer of knowledge, experience and good practices, exploring the intention to prepare a joint project proposal within the Active Citizens Fund. Early intervention, foster teaching / assistance to school, counseling and vocational training will be discussed. Particular emphasis will be given on the vocational training program for people with autism, in order to develop the existing pre-vocational training program implemented by ALMA with the aim to support the cause of the equal integration into the labor market, by creating their professional profiles in order to help them to find a job.
Ιmplementation period: 22/6 – 27/6 2019

BR Promoter: Union of Women Associations of Heraklion PrefectureCountry: Greece 
Partner: KUN Centre for Equality and DiversityCountry: Norway 
The two organizations will jointly participate at the 3rd European Conference on Domestic Violence in Oslo (September 2019). The objectives for attending the 3rd European Conference on Domestic Violence are (a) to present 2 topics related to UWAH, (b) to network with similar entities in Norway and (c) to sustainably exchange of know-how and to cooperate with key actors from “leading” countries in the field. As a next step, the partners of the bilateral initiative will design and submit a proposal under the Active Citizens Fund, on the topic related to support for victims of violence and gender equality.
Ιmplementation period: 19/6 – 31/12 2019

BR Promoter: SYMBIOSISCountry: Greece 
Partner: The European Wergeland CentreCountry: Norway 
The goal is the development of a partnership and the preparation of an application for the upcoming Active Citizens Fund call for increased support for human rights; the deepening of the partnership through planning specific common activities within the framework of the Council of Europe; as well as networking, exchange, sharing and transfer of knowledge, technology, experience and best practice.
Ιmplementation period: 20/6- 12/11 2019