Human Rights in the City

Project promoter: Symbiosis | Country: Greece

Partner: The European Wergeland Centre | Country: Norway

Project Duration: 20/6/2019- 12/11/2019

The goal is the development of a partnership and the preparation of an application for the upcoming Active Citizens Fund call for increased support for human rights; the deepening of the partnership through planning specific common activities within the framework of the Council of Europe; as well as networking,...

3rd European Conference on Domestic Violence in Oslo

Project promoter: Union of Women Associations of Heraklion Prefecture | Country: Greece

Partner: KUN Centre for Equality and Diversity | Country: Norway

Project Duration: 19/6/2019 – 31/12/2019

The two organizations will jointly participate at the 3rd European Conference on Domestic Violence in Oslo (September 2019). The objectives for attending the 3rd European Conference on Domestic Violence are (a) to present 2 topics related to UWAH, (b) to network with similar entities in Norway and (c) to sustainably exchange...

Yes I can!

Project promoter: PanHellenic Association of Adapted Activities ALMA | Country: Greece

Partner: Instituttfor anvendt atferdsanalyse AS | Country: Norway

Project Duration: 22/6 – 27/6 2019

A team of 3 ALMA associates will visit the premises of IAA in Norway in order to strengthen and develop the cooperation between the two entities, aiming at the exchange and transfer of knowledge, experience and good practices, exploring the intention to prepare a joint project proposal within the...

Expanding the possibilities of bilateral cooperation in cases of recognized refugees and asylum seekers

Project promoter: Aitima | Country: Greece

Partner: NOAS | Country: Norway

Project Duration: 30/4/2019 – 5/6/2019

The two organizations have been in co-operation for ten years through joint reporting and case management as well as regular exchange of information. The two organizations wish to strengthen and deepen their partnership through common activities, exchange, sharing and transfer of knowledge and experience. Specifically, the proposed initiative consists...

Norwegian-Greek Bilateral cooperation in Greece: IDN visiting IED

Project promoter: International Development Norway AS | Country: Norway

Partner: Institute of Entrepreneurship Development | Country: Greece

Project Duration: 8/5/2019 – 21/6 2019

The main purpose of the proposed initiative was for IDN to meet with potential partner organizations in Greece in order to discuss and design joint project proposals for ACF. IDN met with the following organizations while in Greece: The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development in Larissa; S.E.G.E. Greek Association of...

Play in Education and Public Space

Project promoter: Playing NGO | Country: Greece

Partner: City of Reykjavik, Department of education and youth | Country: Iceland

Project Duration: 15/2/2020 – 15/4/2020

The PLAYING visited the Department of Education and Youth in Reykjavik Iceland in order to exchange best practices on how to design outdoor play areas in the city and the ways adults support children’s play. We also discussed policies about play and education, as well as the culture around...

Advocacy Now! Strengthening the Greek CSO ecosystem capitalizing on the Norwegian experience.

Project promoter: HIGGS | Country: Greece

Partner: Norsensus Mediaforum | Country: Norway

Project Duration: 15/2/2020 – 30/5/2020 (extension to fall 2020)

The project aims to network HIGGS organization (Greece) and Norsensus Mediaforum (Norway) for the exchange of best practices, knowledge, technology, and experience with regards to advocacy within the civil society framework, in order for CSOs from the two countries (placing emphasis in Greece) to develop the necessary know-how that...

Open dialogue about mental health: Transfer of modern intervention practices.

Project promoter: Association for Regional Development and Mental Health (EPAPSY) | Country: Greece

Partner: The solidarity association of Starfish / Solidaritetsforeningen Sjøstjerne | Country: Norway

Project Duration: 7/1/2020 – 31/5/2020 (extension to fall 2020)

The aim of the proposed project is to build a professional network based on the exchange / transfer of knowledge and best practice. The project will take place in Greece and the partner country will be Norway. The partner agency already applies the Open Dialogue approach as a therapeutic...

Technology changes. People change too.

Project promoter: Union of working consumers of Greece | Country: Greece

Partner: Terram Pacis | Country: Norway

Project Duration: 5/11/2019 – 21/2/2020

Digital educational tools are very popular today although they don’t actually help the elderly, who lag behind in using new technologies and modern teaching tools. This project aimed to educate two (2) Certified Adult Learners/Writers of Educational materials on the use of new digital teaching tools while developing skills...

Citizens In Action in Iceland

Project promoter: Citizens in Action | Country: Greece

Partner: SEEDS – SEE beyonD borderS | Country: Iceland

Project Duration: 1/10/2019 – 8/7/2020 (extension due to COVID-19 emergency)

In this bilateral initiative two members of Citizens in Action visited the Icelandic NGO SEEDS, with the objective of networking, sharing and transferring knowledge, experience and best practices, aiming to strengthen the co-operation of the two organizations. The visit took place in Reykjavik, Iceland, from the 22nd to the...