The Fund Operator brings together a solid team of professionals with an unparalleled track record in delivering successful EEA Grants programmes in Greece. Both teams have solid technical experience in grants management and possess an in-depth knowledge of the civil society sector, including vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

Bodossaki’s team is guided by a legacy of 40+ years in grants management; has worked directly with or has reached out to more than 800 CSOs, by supporting their capacity development and financing their projects. The team of SolidarityNow brings an unparalleled experience in directly supporting vulnerable groups across Greece, including migrants, refugees, asylum-seekers, Roma, women-victims of violence and in conducting related advocacy activities.

The Consortium team operates according to the highest standards of programme management (certified through ISO 9001:2015), and has a proven track record in transparent and effective EEA programme implementation using a results-based approach.

The team of the programme in Greece:

Programme Director: Mr Sotiris Laganopoulos

Deputy Programme Director : Ms Fay Koutzoukou

Programme Officers: 

Adraktas – Rentis Harry
Agaloglou Theano
Kallipoliti Marianna
Karakitsiou Eleni
Lazarou Jenny
Tsene Maria
Tzevelekou Vaso
Zafiropoulos Alex

Capacity Building Programme

Clarke Jennifer, PhD
El Ampasy, Rania


Fola Maria, PhD
Ioannou Sofia
Zacharopoulou Eleni


Anastassiadis George
Palaiodimos Dimitris


Patsouris Thimios
Soultis Dimitris