Capacity building is understood as the process of strengthening an organisation in order to increase its effectiveness and social impact, and achieve its goals and sustainability over time.

The Active Citizens Fund will contribute to the capacity building of civil society organisations across Greece in a number of ways, including the following:

(a) Training on project planning and proposal writing

In parallel to the launch of every call for proposals, a series of capacity building workshops is organised in different cities throughout Greece, in order to help civil society organisations to understand how to plan projects and how to prepare strong applications to the programme. The workshops are announced on the calendar of our website.

All the training material from these workshops is available in Greek and can be downloaded from the Greek version of this webpage. Much of the training material is based on the information given in the Guidelines for Applicants (particularly Annex 2 ‘Advice for writing a strong application’), which are available in English here.

The available training material includes the following:

• Introduction to the open calls ‘Vulnerable groups Empowered’ and ‘Strengthened civil society advocacy and watchdog role
o Aims of the calls
o Examples of eligible activities and good practices

• Project planning and proposal writing for the ACF
o Basic concepts for planning effective projects
o Introduction to the ‘Project Planning Canvas’, a tool to facilitate the planning of coherent projects
o Advice on how to fill in the different sections of the application form.
o How to submit the application form

• Project Model Canvas
o The Project Model Canvas is a tool for facilitating the planning of coherent projects. It is optional for applicants to use this tool, and it is not a required supporting document for applications to the programme.

• Introduction to Advocacy
o What advocacy is
o How advocacy is conducted
o Examples and good practices

(b) Free online ‘NGO Capacity Map’ self-assessment tool

The NGO Capacity Map is a free online tool, open to all, in order to help civil society organisations to self-assess their strengths and weaknesses regarding their organisational capacity and sustainability. It only takes a few minutes to complete the multiple choice questionnaire, and to receive a confidential printable list of both your organisation’s strengths and the areas with potential for improvement.

The online tool is available in Greek in the following link

(c) Free online e-learning platform

A rich library of capacity building training material for Greek civil society organisations is available at the e-learning platform which was originally created in the framework of the EEA Grants NGO Fund for Greece 2009 – 2014 programme. The link is here

(d) Capacity Building Component of projects

All projects funded under the first four programme outcomes of the Active Citizens Fund (except those funded through micro-grants) will allocate up to 15% of the total requested grant amount to implementing capacity building activities aimed at increasing the organisational sustainability of the project promoter organisation. This is called the Capacity Building Component of projects. It is compulsory for all applicants applying for medium and large projects to include a Capacity Building Component of up to 15% of the requested grant amount in their applications. See the relevant section in the Guidelines for Applicants for more information about the Capacity Building Component, including an indicative list of eligible activities.

Capacity Building Programme for project promoters

The Fund Operator will organize a comprehensive and flexible ‘menu’ of capacity building training, mentoring and consulting activities. Each project promoter will be advised by the Fund Operator to participate in the specific training, mentoring and consulting activities that correspond to the organisation’s specific needs and priorities, and in a way which complements the activities included within the Capacity Building component of projects.

Training will be available on the following thematic areas:
• Good Governance & Transparency
• Leadership
• Strategic Planning
• NGO Management
• Financial Sustainability & Funding Diversification
• Human Resources & Volunteer Management
• Communications
• Project Management
• Advocacy skills
• Research Skills
• Network & Coalition Building

The above training, mentoring and consulting activities will be organized by the Fund Operator in collaboration with Social Dynamo.

Social Dynamo is a civil society capacity building hub, which is a joint initiative of the Bodossaki Foundation and the Municipality of Athens.

Indicative information about Social Dynamo’s training collaborators, mentors and consultants can be found at