Victoria Square Project


Victoria Square Project (VSP) is an evolving social sculpture. It was created by the artists Rick Lowe and Maria Papadimitriou in the framework of documenta 14, in Athens, in 2017.

Victoria Square Project is a contemporary artwork, while at the same time a physical space of reference for the neighborhood, acquiring its meaning and value in the context of urban development and neighborhood planning around its particular urban area. Currently it operates as a contemporary art space focused on the empowerment and inspiration of the residents of Victoria.

Victoria Square Project aims to be a catalyst for highlighting the importance of culture, art and creativity in order to build a more humane society. In this way an alternative to that sovereignty model of devaluation and/or ignorance for the value of existing populations and diversity is offered.

It seeks to be a social meeting point in which intercultural relations are developed, a creative platform that will enhance cultural exchanges and strengthen the region’s community. A large number of artists, architects, researchers, local entrepreneurs, educators, academic institutions, neighbours and various other organizations are linked to the goals of VPS and ensures that the strategies followed by the project are in line with local sensitivities and community needs.

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