Bilateral Initiative Neaniko Plano – TVIBIT

Neaniko Plano | Country: Greece
TVIBIT | Country: Norway
03/12/2022 – 20/12/2022

TVIBIT@Mythos Project was about an educational trip of three young cinematographers along with a chaperon from Norway, to attend the 12th Mythos Project, a multinational cinema workshop within the framework of the 25th Olympia Intenational Film Festival for Children and Young People and 22nd Camera Zizanio- European Meeting of Young People’s Audiovisual Creation, in the city of Pyrgos, Greece from 3 to 10th of December 2022. Neaniko Plano is the founding institution and co-organiser of the festival. The young creators attended the Olympia Festival screenings with films for children and young people, Camera Zizanio’s screenings with films made by youth 4-20 years old, cinema workshops and industry activities.