Advocacy Now! Strengthening the Greek CSO ecosystem capitalizing on the Norwegian experience.

HIGGS | Country: Greece
Norsensus Mediaforum | Country: Norway
15/2/2020 – 30/5/2020 (extension to fall 2020)

The project aims to network HIGGS organization (Greece) and Norsensus Mediaforum (Norway) for the exchange of best practices, knowledge, technology, and experience with regards to advocacy within the civil society framework, in order for CSOs from the two countries (placing emphasis in Greece) to develop the necessary know-how that will enable them to effectively communicate their work, defend targeted vulnerable groups, improve their relationships with the Media and place effective pressure on institutions. As HIGGS also acts as a hub for CSOs, the networking among Norsensus and its beneficiaries with Greek organizations will be significantly strengthened. 

Both organizations focus on education and consulting for providing capacity building to CSOs using similar means such as workshops and events. Significant complementarity has been identified, as Norsensus Mediaforum covers issues related to (digital) communication, technology, and Media, while HIGGS covers a wide range of topics related to fundraising, project management, strategy, management, etc.