Active citizens fund announces the 45 new projects of the programme

45 projects will be funded across Greece, in support of citizens participation and human rights.

Bodossaki Foundation and SolidarityNow, under their capacity as the Fund Operator of the EEA Grants Active citizens fund programme in Greece, are pleased to announce the names of the civil society organisations that have been selected in order to receive funding through the EEA Grants financial mechanism in support of civil society in Greece, amounting to € 12m.

The total amount of funding available under the open calls for proposals is € 3,494,600. More specifically, € 1.000.000 is allocated for the call “Increased citizens participation in civic activities” and € 2.494.600 is allocated for the call “Increased support for Human Rights”.


Overview and results of call 3: “Increased citizens participation in civic activities”
Outcome 1: “Increased Citizen Participation in civic activities”

The total amount available for funding under this call is € 1.000.000,00. In total, 99 applications were submitted under this call, requesting a total amount of € 10.255.135,76. A total of 17 projects will be funded (3 large projects, 5 medium projects and 9 small projects). None of these projects has a donor project partner.

The list of grantees follows:

Large projects (receiving funding up to € 200.000)

Project Promoter: Vouliwatch
Partner: Common Space
Project: Digital Platform for Participatory Democracy – Localwatch

Project Promoter: World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Greece
Partner: Open Technologies Alliance (GFOSS)
Project: Citizens for the environment: Education as a tool for effective public participation and decision-making

Project Promoter: Lambrakis Foundation
Partner: A.C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation
Project: Acting as Citizens

Medium projects (receiving funding up to €80.000)

Project Promoter: Society of Psychosocial Research and Intervention – S.P.R.I.
Project: Social network for the promotion of participation in the society of older individuals in the municipality of Ioannina – IOANNINA Silver Community Action Network

Project Promoter: Non – Profit Organization IASIS
Partner 1: European Group of Territorial Cooperation (ΕGTC) Efxini Poli
Partner 2: Horizon-Center of Research, Technology, and Innovation
Project: YOUTH REACTION (YOUTH in REmote areas become ACTive citizens and take actION)

Project Promoter: Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos – MedINA
Partner: Society for the Protection of Prespa – SPP
Project: Landscape Public Participation Tools (LPPT)

Project Promoter: Non for Profit Non-Governmental Organisation for the Preservation of Aquatic Ecosystems (iSea)
Partner: The Green Tank
Project: Empowering citizens to actively participate in environmental matters – “Learn – participate – protect the environment”

Project Promoter: Ohi pezoume performing arts company
Partner: Αrt of Hosting Athina
Project: Walkers on water: methodology of translocal cooperation towards urban development driven by citizens’ active participation

Small projects (receiving funding up to € 5.000)

Project Promoter: Cyberno ΑΜΚΕ
Project: DECIDE (Digital citizEnship for ChIlDrEn)

Project Promoter: Hellenic Ecotourism Society
Project: Nature Guardians. Active Citizens for Sustainable Management and Preservation of Protected Areas

Project Promoter: Messolonghi by Locals
Project: Our Square, Our Place

Project Promoter:  Institute of Prevention and Development (IPD)
Project: MeLiCo (Media Literacy assisted by Coaching)

Project Promoter: O Sporos NGO
Project: Training in fake news detection and on-line platform development for the submission of opinions for fake news recognition

Project Promoter: Society of Democratic Participation
Project: E-nvolved

Project Promoter: Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy
Project: Cultural Diplomacy Youth Forum Agora

Project Promoter: TEDxPatras
Project: Point of Actions Patras

Project Promoter: The e square project
Project: Ask an Economist

Overview and results of call 4: “Increased support for Human Rights”

Outcome 3: “Increased support for Human Rights”

The total amount available for funding under this call is € 2,494,600.00. In total, 103 applications were submitted under this call, requesting a total amount of € 14,997,908.86. A total of 28 projects will be funded (5 large projects, 17 medium projects and 6 small projects). One project has a donor project partner from Norway.

The list of grantees follows:

Large projects (receiving funding up to € 300.000)

Project Promoter: Centre of Life
Partner 1: Αthens development and destination management agency S.A.,
Partner 2: Special Account for Research Funds of the University of Western Macedonia
Project: Sex education in school: foundation for life & justice

Project Promoter: Metadrasi
Project: Victorious: identification and certification of victims of torture

Project Promoter: Family and Child Care Center – KMOP
Partner: News Agency of Macedonia-Thrace
Project: Dido: strengthen protection of the rights of recipients of mental health services

Project Promoter: Generation 2.0/ red (g2red)
Partner: Hellenic League for Human Rights
Project: Citizenship in practice

Project Promoter: Εqual Society
Partner: Panhellenic Confederation οf Greek Roma “Ellan Passe”
Partner 2: Association οf Greek Roma Mediators
Project: Operation of an observatory for the protection of human rights of Roma and strengthening local communities and relevant stakeholders – Rom

Medium projects (receiving funding up to €80.000)

Project Promoter: Hellenic Liver Patients Association Prometheus
Partner: Greek Association of People Living with HIV – Positive Voice
Project: Health without barriers

Project Promoter: InterMediaKT – Interactive Media Knowledge Transfer
Partner: People Behind
Project: Α hug for the e-lderly

Project Promoter: Eliza – Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
Project: Circle of advocates for children’s rights

Project Promoter: Greek Association of Alzheimer Disease and Relative Disorders of Chalkida
Partner: Greek carers network epioni
Project: Supporting golden ages human rights: human rights protection for older adults (65+) with dementia and depression

Project Promoter: New Wrinkle
Project: Human rights for beginners 2

Project Promoter: Velos Youth
Partner: Equal Rights Beyond Borders
Project: MyRights!

Project Promoter: Association of Parents Guardians & Friends of People with Autism
Project: Online legal basis for the codification of the legislation of the rights of Persons with Autism and the training of the public and private Sector in them

Project Promoter: Fosterparent’s and volunteer’s network for children’s deinstitutional social care “Rights for family care”
Partner: Major development agency of Thessaloniki s.a.
Project: The children’s human rights into the social care institutions/ The invisible children

Project Promoter: We Need Books
Partner: Norsensus mediaforum
Project: Challenging stereotypes: empowering through workshops youth in underprivileged neighborhoods and media professionals to use tools and innovative storytelling techniques to apply against the discrimination of refugees and migrants in Greek media

Project Promoter: Α21 – Abolishing Injustice in the 21st century
Project: Awareness-raising Actions on Human Trafficking

Project Promoter: Women On Top
Partner 1 : Synetairismos Ergazomenon Sociality
Partner 2: Openous MAKE
Project: The school of no bias

Project Promoter: Association for Research and Education in Clinical Skills
Partner: Accessible Limitless Living
Project: TRansforming Access to health CarE

Project Promoter: Athens Conservatoire
Partner: Processwork Hub
Project: Humanitas – Process Drama and Processwork – Staging human rights of LGBTQI youth

Project Promoter: Greek Transgender Support Association (GTSA)
Project: I’m trans. I know my rights

Project Promoter: Diogenis NGO
Project: Shedia@CITY: From isolation to social integration

Project Promoter: Homo evolution
Project: Greek Marriage Equality Awareness Campaign

Project Promoter: Association of parents guardians and friends of people with disabilities to ergastiri
Partner 1: “ESTIA” Support and Social Care Centre for people with intellectual disabilities
Pattner 2: Theotokos Foundation
Project: Stop It’s my own

Small projects (receiving funding up to € 5.000)

Project Promoter: Solidarity support protection equality intercultural development
Project: Lights on human rights

Project Promoter: Black Box
Project: Festival of queer approaches

Project Promoter: Athens International Children’s Film Festival
Project: Teacher training webinars on Media Literacy and Rights of the child

Project Promoter:  Storymentor – Stories that change the world
Project: Womathon

Project Promoter: Art hub Athens npo
Project: Sketchbooks 4 Human Rights

Project Promoter: Scientific Association of Adapted Activities Victor Artant – Niki
Project: Summer camp: socialization and independent living for people with disabilities