Active citizens fund in Greece announces the first grantees of the programme

42 projects will be funded across Greece, in support of vulnerable groups, advocacy and the watchdog role of civil society

Bodossaki Foundation and SolidarityNow, under their capacity as the Fund Operator of the EEA Grants Active citizens fund programme in Greece, are pleased to announce the names of the civil society organisations that have been selected in order to receive funding through the EEA Grants financial mechanism in support of civil society in Greece, amounting to € 12m.

The total amount of funding available under the first open calls for proposals is € 4,874,000.00. More specifically, € 2,904,000.00 is allocated for the call “Vulnerable groups empowered” and € 1,970,000.00 is allocated for the call “Strengthened civil society advocacy and watchdog role”.

Overall, under both calls, the Fund Operator received a total of 222 applications, requesting a total amount of € 37,842,635.24. During the first stage of the evaluation process, 20 applications were rejected for non-compliance with the administrative and eligibility criteria set by the programme; hence, a total of 202 applications were evaluated and scored by a team of independent scorers. The final list of grantees , includes those projects that have received the highest score and have also been approved by the Selection Committee and the Executive Board of the programme.


Overview and results of call 1: “Vulnerable groups empowered

Outcome 4: “Vulnerable groups empowered

The total amount available for funding under this call is € 2,904,000.00. In total, 165 applications were submitted under this call, requesting a total amount of € 28,609,119.60. A total of 26 projects will be funded (7 large projects, 13 medium projects and 6 small projects). One project has a donor project partner in Norway (OsloMet – Norway).

The list of grantees follows:


LARGE PROJECTS (receiving funding up to € 300,000)

 Project Promoter: Association for the Care of People with intellectual disabilities “Agioi Theodoroi” Department of Rhodope

Project: Music Lab for people with intellectual disabilities

  1. Project Promoter: GENERATION 2.0 – Second Generation Institute for Rights, Equality and Diversity

Project: Equal Work and Education for All

  1. Project Promoter: Hellenic Paralympic Committee

Partner: Equal Society

Project: RePower

  1. Project Promoter: Ladies Union of Drama – Open Hospitality House

Project: The mobile school travels

  1. Project Promoter: Lambrakis Foundation

Partner: Mission Anthropos

Project: WOMENTORS: Young women’s empowerment

  1. Project Promoter: Melissa: Network of Migrant Women in Greece

Partners: (1) Impact Hub, (2) Inside Story

Project: Open Beehive

  1. Project Promoter: Network for Children’s Rights

Partners: (1) International Rescue Committee, (2) Laughter’s Guild

Project: PROS-VASIS – Promoting Social inclusion and empowerment of vulnerable unaccompanied and refugee youth, paving the way for positive changes in their lives


MEDIUM PROJECTS (receiving funding up to €80,000)

  1. Project Promoter: Achaia’s Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois”

Project: Support for women with breast cancer through education and psychosocial support of their carers

  1. Project Promoter: Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of People with Autism, County of Rethymno

Partner: (1) OlsoMET, (2) IIEK GRANT

Project: Job For All

  1. Project Promoter: Challedu

Partners: (1) Best Βuddies Greece, (2) Corporation for succor and care of elderly and disabled (3) Association for people with mobility problems and friends

Project: Legends of Disability

  1. Project Promoter: Child and Adolescents’ Center

Project: New Start – From delinquency to employment

  1. Project Promoter: Children Support Center of Elefsis

Project: Building Society

  1. Project Promoter: Exile Room

Project: Planet G(reece)

  1. Project Promoter: GIVMED Share medicine share life

Partner: Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine

Project: Support and empowerment of socially vulnerable groups regarding rights to healthcare and pharmaceutical care

  1. Project Promoter: Hellenic Book Club

Project: Creation of 17 “For you” Lending Libraries of high quality, in 11 Primary Schools with ROMA pupils and 6 Schools in prisons

  1. Project Promoter: Hellenic Cancer Society

Project: Unit of Psychosocial Support of Adolescent/Young Adult Cancer Patients

  1. Project Promoter: Hellenic Children’s Museum

Project: Learning English in the Museum

  1. Project Promoter: Society for the Care of Minors and Youth

Project: Autonomous Citizens Lab

  1. Project Promoter: Union of Working Consumers of Greece

Project: Self- Assisted use of financial products, services and processes from the elderly

  1. Project Promoter: Wise Greece

Project: Wise Greece Academy


 SMALL PROJECTS (receiving fund up to € 5,000)

  1. Project Promoter: Association des Sénégalais de Grèce

Project: Social Integration of Senegalais

  1. Project Promoter: Charity Association Friends of the Child

Project: Program for Strengthening of Jobless Parents

  1. Project Promoter: Children’s Library

Project: Creating Our Video Game

  1. Project Promoter: Prosopo Non-Profit Organisation

Project: Episkeptirio

  1. Project Promoter: Soroptimist Club of Volos “Thetis”

Project: Lightening books with Braille writing

  1. Project Promoter: Women On Top

Project: Mind the FL gap


Overview and results of Call 2: “Strengthened civil society advocacy and watchdog role

Outcome 2: “Strengthened civil society advocacy and watchdog role

 The total amount available for funding under this call is € 1,970,000.00. In total 57 applications were received under this call. The total amount requested under this call is € 9,233,515.64. A total of 16 projects will be funded under this call (10 large projects, 3 medium projects and 3 small projects). Out of the 16 projects selected, one project has a donor project partner (Ås Art and Musical School – Norway).

The list of grantees follows:


 LARGE PROJECTS (receiving funding up to € 200,000)

 Project Promoter: ActionAid Hellas

Partners: (1) Women’s Center of Karditsa, (2) Municipality of Karditsa, (3) Municipality of Athens

Project: Gender Responsive, Accountable and Transparent Budgeting (GREAT Budgeting)

  1. Project Promoter: Amnesty International Greece

Project: Fighting for Change! Training in human rights advocacy

  1. Project Promoter: Doctors of the World – Greek Delegation

Partner: (1) GIVMED Share Medicine Share Life, (2) The Press Project

Project: Opening access to healthcare for all

  1. Project Promoter: Family and Childcare Centre

Partner: United Nations Research Institute for Social Development

Project: Archimidis; Tool for measuring social return on investment

  1. Project Promoter: Hellenic League for Human Rights

Project: Legal Aid Watch

  1. Project Promoter: Higher Incubator Giving Growth & Sustainability (HIGGS)

Partners: (1) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, (2) Open Knowledge Foundation Greece,
(3) Journalism Initiative

Project: Non-profits & Media advocating for good!

  1. Project Promoter: International Social Service – Hellenic Branch

Project: Practices and Perspectives in Intercountry Adoptions

  1. Project Promoter: Society of Social Psychiatry and Mental Health “Panayotis Sakellaropoulos”

Partners: (1) Themistoklis & Dimitrios Tsatsos Foundation – Center for European Constitutional Law, (2) Society of Care and Rehabilitation of People with Psychosocial Problems

Project: Stigma Free

  1. Project Promoter: SOS Children’s Villages Greece

Project: New Perspectives in Child Protection Policy – the systemic approach

  1. Project Promoter: World Wide Fund for Nature – WWF Greece

Partner: Mediterranean Institute for Investigative Reporting (MIIR)

Project: Strengthening transparency and accountability in financing prevention and repression of forest fires with the contribution of civil society


 MEDIUM PROJECTS (receiving funding up to € 80,000)

 Project Promoter: Artifactory

Partners: (1) Baumstrasse, (2) Ås Art and Musical School

Project: Art and Culture Vs Xenophobia

  1. Project Promoter: Challedu

Partners: 1) Myrtillo Social Enterprise, (2) Kroma, (3) Heterart

Project: Small Buddies

 Project Promoter: Corporation for Succor and Care of Elderly and Disabled

Partners: (1) Fragility Fracture Network, (2) The Best Net IKE

Project: e-TALOS


SMALL PROJECTS (receiving funding up to € 5,000)

  1. Project Promoter: The Green Tank

Project: Priority to nature

  1. Project Promoter: Homo Digitalis

Project: Digital RiSe (Digital Rights & Security)

  1. Project Promoter: Save Coast

Partner: European Institute of Law, Science and Technology

Project: Coastal Zone Advocacy Web Platform (COAST-ADWEΒ)


The next two open calls of the Active Citizens Fund programme in Greece, “Increased support for human rights” and “Increased citizens participation in civic activities” will be announced in November 2019.

More about ACF in Greece:

The Active citizens fund in Greece is supported through a € 12m grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as part of the EEA Grants 2014 – 2021. The programme aims to develop the sustainability and capacity of the civil society sector in Greece, and to strengthen its role in promoting and safeguarding democratic procedures, active citizenship and human rights. The Fund Operator for the Active Citizens Fund in Greece is Bodossaki Foundation in consortium with SolidarityNow.

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