ANASA – Cultural Center of African Art and Cultures


The ANASA – Cultural Center of African Art and Cultures is a Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organization working for the elimination of racism, exclusion and discrimination, the promotion of multiculturalism and intercultural dialogue among peoples, and the empowerment and inclusion, through art and culture, of young people of African origin who were either born in Greece or came as migrants or refugees.

The word “anasa” in swahili means “joy of life”, and the Cultural Center ANASA offers this joy of life by promoting African arts (music, dance, song, literature, narration, theater, painting and gastronomy), and by implementing pedagogical programs and solidarity actions. The Cultural Center ANASA began its operation in 2010 and acquired legal form as a Non-Profit Organization in 2012 based in Athens, Greece.

Έργα του φορέα-εταίρου


Gender equality promoted and Gender-Based Violence combatted