Association of Parents and Friends of people with Autism disorders of Rethymno


The Rethymno Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of people with autism disorders is a non-profit organization founded in 2007. It is based in Rethymno and hosted in KEFIAP  building since the end of 2012. The Association’s active membership is composed of 80 children and adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and other mental disabilities, and their families, as well as friends and colleagues – 155 people.

Our Association aims to offer:

  • support and training to people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and their families
  • public awareness
  • advocacy for equal opportunities in educational and social integration
  • social interaction and skills training
  • social inclusion and quality of life

Since September 2016, the Centre for Creative Activities for Children with Disabilities (“KDAP AmeA”), named “MAZI BOROUME” (“Together, We Can”), started its operation within KEFIAP Rethymno, supporting families of people with autism. KDAP AmeA operates every day in the afternoons and serves up to 30 children aged 4-18 years. This project started running in September 2016, with the support of a European Project called ESPA. We organize a variety of daily activities for  children with special needs, such as workshops with learning and art activities (music, clay, tales, drama therapy workshops) and individual educational rehabilitation programmes and therapies.

We also focus on the management of adults in the autism spectrum in matters such as education, their inclusion in society, as well as  work occupation in a protected working environment in order to live alone and have a fair and empowered life.

In 2016 we  completed the implementation of an important 2-year project with financial support by the Greek NGO Programme “We are all Citizens” which is part of the EEA & Norway Grants for Greece. The Bodossaki Foundation was the Fund Operator of this Programme as well as of the 3 visits of bilateral communication in Norway and Iceland.

Since 2018 is being operating a SOCIAL CENTER that provides support for adults with disabilities.   In 2019 through the “Points of Support” Programme was organized a project named “Building Bridges of communication” to arise awareness to enterprises about the integration of people with disabilities.







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