Athens Network of Collaborating Experts (ANCE)

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Athens Network of Collaborating Experts (ANCE) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation based in Athens, Greece. It was established in 1996 by a group of Greek experts in international development cooperation and technical assistance and today has succeeded to create an extensive network of collaborators and volunteers for the promotion of sustainable development and the support of vulnerable social groups in the European Union and the developing countries. ANCE is collaborating with other non-governmental organisations, local development agencies, local authorities, Universities and research centres, and the private sector in Greece and abroad, for:
– combating all kinds of racism, xenophobia, marginalisation and social exclusion
– the sensitization of EU citizens on the problems of the developing world
– the promotion of democracy and the protection of human rights
– the support of populations affected by natural disasters and wars
– the distribution of humanitarian aid
– the support of entrepreneurship and sustainable economic development in areas of Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America
– the implementation of income generating projects for the weakest and most disadvantaged groups of society
– the improvement of women‘s access to the labor market
– environmental protection and preservation of the cultural heritage.

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Organisational Grants to support the Institutional Development of Civil Society