European Institute of Law, Science and Technology (EILST)


The European Institute of Law, Science and Technology (EILST) is a non-for-profit, research organization, established in 2004, that seeks to improve international, regional and national laws and policies by better integration of scientific and technological achievements in laws and promote innovation for the benefit of humanity.1 EILST headquarters are in Athens, Greece by its Statute of incorporation, while it has held offices in Brussels, Belgium.
The Executive Director of EILST is Dr. Dionysia-Theodora Avgerinopoulou, Member of the Hellenic Parliament and Chair of the Environment Committee of the Greek Parliament, f. Vice-Chair of the Steering Committee of the Global Water Partnership, while the Deputy Executive Director of EILST is Prof. Eleni Chatzichristou, a doctor of Astrophysics, Professor/Tutor at the Hellenic Open University and Policy Analyst at the European research Council Executive Agency. The Member of the Board of Directors originate from Belgium, Spain and Greece, while the participants and researchers of EILST reside in more than 20 countries from all over the world.

Over the last decade, EILST keeps building effective platforms for dialogue among legal experts, natural scientists, innovators, Governments and the business community, while it promotes research and innovation in six (6) pillars:
1. environment, climate change and renewable energy;
2. air and space technologies;
3. telecommunications and IoT;
4. biosciences and research in genetics;
5. intellectual property and artificial intelligence and
6. social sciences including psychology.

EILST puts a special emphasis on projects and technology transfer to developing countries, while it has a special section on Woman, Law and Sciences, and Youth Empowerment and Education for all. EILST supports a low carbon economy, a zero-waste society, a smart inclusive sustainable development and a high level of education for all. EILST promotes the Development Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.
EILST offers state-of-the-art advisory services in the aforementioned fields of expertise. It provides legal advice, including intellectual property issues, that relates with innovations and project ideas; it initiates and leads innovative projects especially in the fields of environment, climate and energy; it runs platforms for finance for innovative projects, as well as educational seminars.

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