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The Hellenic Book Club is a cultural, voluntary, non-profit, organization.Its Board of Directors counts 7 members. Since 1977, it’s been producing a multi-faced work “by Readers for Readers” Its aim is to promote and disseminate quality books as tools and vehicles of culture and reading, as a means for the creation of a whole human being – Free, Responsible, Consciousone, for the creation of a new Anthropocentric Civilization. It works in the sensitive domain of books and the complex section of Civilization. A book of quality is a means for accessing of knowledge and a window to the world. A quality book expresses life itself and that’s why it is our concern to connect it with activity and sociability of the Reader. The future of this country’s children passes through knowledge, education and culture. It passes therefore through the world of books. Its multi-complex work is based on an innovatory and unique system of valuation and the division of books according to ages and subjects  It develops 30 programs.


  • 850 Lending Libraries of 95% readability, in schools of primarily near-border and isolated villages, cultural societies in Greece and other countries
  • 430 Events “I discuss with a book”
  • 150 Book Weeks at schools
  • Network of bibliophiles -volunteers- collaboration groups
  • Selection of books according to kinds and readers’ age
  • Publishing of “Book and Life” magazine *Propagation of ideas through books, topics, publications and “Scattered Birds”
  • Network of bibliophile activities. Education, improvement of the standard of living.
  • Implementation of two EU programs commissioned by the Ministry of Employment
  • Recently approved program in the context of “Digital Convergence D’ ESPA.


Έργα του φορέα-εταίρου


Vulnerable groups empowered