Hellenic Cancer Society

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The Hellenic Cancer Society was founded with the aim of fighting cancer in our country. Since its establishment, it has been actively involved in all major international anti-cancer associations. The actions of the Company aim at multiple levels: informing the general population and health professionals, promoting early diagnosis, providing psycho-social support of patients and relatives and support in post-treatment care. Its ongoing activities for 60 years include: (i) the anti-smoking campaign with special programs widely implemented in educational institutions, (ii) programs for shaping healthy lifestyles in youth, (iii) the Center for Psycho-social Rehabilitation, which since 2015 has been renamed as Center for Support, Education and Research in Psycho-social Oncology. The center is the first established for this purpose in Greece by contributing (i) to the reform of the operating principles of psycho-social support structures for cancer patients, their caregivers in all phases of the disease and those who survived, (ii) to the training of health professionals in psycho-social oncology (iii) and to the collaborations with the university community by promoting research in this area.

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