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The Hellenic Paralympic Committee (HPC) is the authority responsible for the development and promotion of the Paralympic Movement in Greece. It oversees the selection and formation of the Teams that represent Greece at the Paralympic Games. It promotes the Paralympic Movement in Greece and offers incentives to people with a disability and encourages especially young people to get actively involved in sports and athletic activities.

The HPC offers opportunities for people with a disability to reach their maximum athletic potential and achieve excellence in sport inspiring through their achievements. Supporting a wide range of activities from recreational sport to high performance athleticism for people with a disability, the Hellenic Paralympic Committee strives to encourage and support people with a disability to participate in sports and take the joy of sport. Through this process it supports the socialization and the equal integration of persons with a disability into Greek society.

  • To represent Greece at the International Paralympic Committee and with all sports that are under patronage of the IPC.
  • To supervise and develop the Paralympic Movement in Greece. To organise in cooperation with the Sport Federations the preparation and selection of athletes that will represent Greece at Paralympic Gamerns and World Championships under the patronage of the International Paralympic Committee.
  • To propose and recommend legislation concerning the development of sports for people with a disability in Greece. To supervise and propose the modernization of existing sport facilities and the construction of new sport facilities that offer full accessibility for people with a disability.
  • To comment and propose to the Ministry of sport issues concerning the funding of the sport federations which develop sports for athletes with a disability in Greece and Sport Clubs for people with a disability
  • To supervise and coordinate international competitions that are organised in Greece under the patronage of the International Paralympic Committee
  • To propose measures and laws to the responsible Government Ministers that support the causes of the Paralympic Movement in Greece
  • To produce publications that promote the Paralympic Idea and the history of Paralympism

It employs 10 staff based in Athens Greece, where it is formally registered and has offices in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece and Patras, Western Greece.

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