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Wise Greece is a social enterprise with a double mission.  On the one hand, helps 100 Greek food producers to grow and export their products, while on the other hand turns the profit from the sales of the products into food for people in need. Through this effort aims to globally increase consumers’ awareness, so that they will embrace these products, follow and integrate the healthy Mediterranean diet in their daily lives and foremost support this cause!
Wise Greece generates profit for the Greek economy and helps the small Greek producers to run a sustainable business, while at the same time manages to provide food to 3.000.000 Greeks that live under the poverty line, since the profit from the sales transforms into food for unprivileged people.
More than 2.500 Greek products and 100 Greek producers, support Wise Greece so far! Within 5 years of operation the Greek products have already reached more than 100 stores in Greece and stores in 8 countries abroad. Most importantly Wise Greece has managed to purchase and donate more than 40 tons of food to Orphanages, families and people with great need.

The social enterprise coordinates more than 60 volunteers and organizes numerous street events and visits to Orphanages and Soup Kitchens. Also, the team often cooks with Wise Greece products to provide hot meals to the homeless and the refugees that came to Greece the past years, while Wise Greece is often presented in international conferences as a successful business model of Social Entrepreneurship in Greece!

Wise Greece is now Europe’s most awarded social enterprise at its field, recognized for its business model and social contribution. Amongst others, Wise Greece has received prestigious awards such as the “Models of Excellence Award” by the President of the Greek Republic, the “StartUp Greece Award” for Sustainable Entrepreneurship, the “Voluntary Action Award” in the category Society & Economy, the “Innovative Fundraising Award” by the British Council, Bodossakis Foundation and  the British Embassy as well as international superior taste awards for its exclusive products, such as “Great Taste Award 2016”. Lately, Wise Greece received the “European Social Challenge Award”, which is given to social enterprises that provide active solutions to Europe’s most pressing problems, as well as the “Future Generations Award” a European competition amongst 4 countries.

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