Support and empowerment of social vulnerable groups and their right to health and medicine access

Increased citizen participation in civic activities
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The objective of the project is to empower socially vulnerable groups on the following bases:
1.Informing them of their rights regarding healthcare.
2.Providing education in terms of handling medicines and medication compliance.
3.Facilitating their access to the medicines they need through a specific application for smartphones.

In order to reach the above-mentioned objective, informational and educational material will be developed for the beneficiaries. Furthermore, training sessions will take place for healthcare professionals and municipalities’ personnel. In addition to that and for the purpose of the application’s effective operation, GIVMED’s network of medicines donors will be extended so as to secure the necessary medicines at the donation points.
GIVMED’s part as the implementing body is the project’s administration and carrying out of informational and empowerment methods. The part of the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, as a partner, involves developing the informational and educational material and participating at the healthcare professionals training.