Open dialogue about mental health: Transfer of modern intervention practices.

7/1/2020 – 31/5/2020 (extension to fall 2020)

The aim of the proposed project is to build a professional network based on the exchange / transfer of knowledge and best practice.

The project will take place in Greece and the partner country will be Norway. The partner agency already applies the Open Dialogue approach as a therapeutic intervention for treating psychosis and possesses the requisite experience, knowledge and training resources to offer guidance and training to our multidisciplinary team at the EPAPSY Day Centre in Athens apply the Open Dialogue approach.

This approach which is gaining ground and popularity in a number of European countries as well as in America and Canada fits with the culture and therapeutic ethos of our organization which is based on the promotion of rights, the democratization of services, building partnerships with users and their networks and using innovative and evidence-based practices.

We propose three two-day intensive workshops with experts in the field of Open Dialogue. What this entails practically is that our expert partners will make three visits to Athens (each of two days long) during fall 2020.