Children’s Open Library


Children’s Open Library is an initiative by young scientists and professionals (Librarians, Teachers, Psychologists, Social Workers, Cultural Mediators, Translators, Artists, Architects, and Lawyers) aiming to create a fully accessible children’s library in the center of Athens and implement cultural activities to promote book-reading in printed or digital forms in  children’s everyday life.

Children’s Open Library addresses children regardless of age, region, origin, and social status and especially the ones that face social exclusion. The aim is to establish a meeting point through the promotion of activities that focus on inter-culturalism, digital culture and access to the information society.

Creative, cultural activities are the heart of Children’s Open Library and are implemented in indoor and outdoor spaces, libraries and open squares. They vary from artistic projects, creative groups and digital workshops to children’s film screenings or cultural visits etc. They also include activities for parents and children.

The collection of books of the Children’s Open Library includes Fairy Tales, Children’s and Teenage Literature, Knowledge Books, Guides for Cities, Museums and Archaeological Sites, Photo – Albums, Dictionaries, Textbooks, Maps, Activity Books, Books in at least 8 mother (English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Albanian), Pop Up Books, Braille Books, and eBooks.

Supporting the Children’s Open Library can take the form of donations in order to (a) expand our collection of books, (b) strengthen and support our cultural activities, (c) develop our venue, (d) construct the mobile units used for outdoor activities.

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