Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of people with Intellectual Disability “To Ergastiri”

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“To Ergastiri” is a non-profit organisation that aims to assist in the social integration and general wellbeing of adults with intellectual disabilities. Our activities aim to provide quality services and creating new opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities and their families. As well as psychological support, counselling and social integration, support for development of self-image and identity, training, maintenance of family structure and relationships and social consciousness rising. “To Ergastiri” offers occupational training and integration of those capable and willing to enter the free labour market. Vocational and art training workshops include bakery department, laundry, weaving, carpet making, pottery, batik printing, music, sports and gardening. Learning basic skills in computer use through interactivity offered by new technologies achieved the development of new motor and cognitive skills.

Furthermore, “To Ergastiri” trains and supports 100 adults with intellectual disabilities and their families. The organisation employs 40 permanent members of staff (technical, administrative, health and supportive staff). Continuous training of staff takes place through international conferences and seminars and transnational projects focusing on new developments in the field of intellectual disabilities and on contemporary education approaches.

“To Ergastiri” is the first organisation to provide Supported Housing programs in Greece. Through the program of activities and positive guidance, residents gain important life skills and reach their full potential.

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