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ELIX was founded in 1987, aiming at promoting volunteerism in Greece through organized forms of voluntary work.

Since the founding of the organization, hundreds of volunteer work programs have been organized by ELIX in several locations across Greece, focusing -among other- on the protection of the environment, the preservation of cultural heritage and the promotion of social cohesion. Every year, hundreds of young people from all over Greece have the opportunity to enjoy the great experiences of volunteering by participating in one of the many volunteer work and educational projects that ELIX offers abroad, while at the same time over 150 volunteers from abroad participate in the respective programs of ELIX in Greece.

Thanks to these volunteers’ contribution, ELIX implements a number of social programs, which aim at supporting socially vulnerable groups, such as the “Summer in the City” and the “This Summer is Ours” projects, as well as the ambitious educational program “Learning for Inclusion”, focusing on children, refugees and migrants, aged 3-17, living in Attica (supported by UNICEF and DG ECHO).

Besides the valuable contribution of hundreds of volunteers, ELIX collaborates with a number of specialized professionals in order to implement successfully its actions and to ensure the high level of its programs.

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Increased citizen participation in civic activities