Faros tou Kosmou

Central Macedonia

The “Faros tou Kosmou” (Lighthouse of the World) and its activities began in 2004 when father Athenagoras Lukataris was found in Dendropotamos. The name “Faros tou kosmou” (Lighthouse of the World) was chosen because the lighthouse illuminates dark places and helps people with their sparkle to find their way. This is the organisation’s goal.

In a very short period of time, the first timid step was made, the “Faros tou kosmou” (Lighthouse of the World), the actions of Father Athinagoras and the dozens of volunteers became known throughout the city, throughout Greece and the world and was shown by the media. The first changes in the area, behavior and performance of the children showed that young people were looking for a chance, they grabbed it and took off. Nothing is impossible and futile. Even to those who did not believe that there could be changes and developments, young people have demonstrated that they can set up structures to study, work and live with dignity.

Έργα του φορέα-εταίρου


Vulnerable groups empowered