Hellenic Children’s Museum (HCM)

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The Hellenic Children’s Museum is a non-profit organization of public welfare, legally established in Athens, Greece in 1987 by a group of young professionals.

Its purpose is to help children develop all aspects of their personality in order to become citizens who respect their own individuality and to obtain a social conscience.

The purpose addresses all children, without exception, families, school communities and everyone who is interested in the multilateral development of children or is directly or indirectly related to children.


The HCM mission: To encourage every child to discover, to understand, to learn, to enjoy and to shape the world in which (s)he lives with a respect for individuality and an emphasis on team work.


The Children’s Museum of Athens

Since 1994, the HCM has established and operates with the collaboration of the Municipality of Athens the “Children’s Museum of Athens”, a museum with interactive exhibits especially designed for children up to 12 years old.

The Children’s Museum of Athens is a place that offers multifaceted education and recreation and constitutes an important first step in a child’s familiarity with the concept “museum”. It derives its subjects from science and technology, the natural environment, arts, social studies, language, mathematics and children’s daily life and interests.

At the exhibits of the Children’s Museum of Athens, children can:

  • use all their senses
  • explore the objects
  • «play role games» and cooperate with other children as well as with their parents
  • assemble or disassemble objects
  • understand through play how something works etc.


The HCM’s educational programs

The HCM designs and implements educational programs that

  • support learning through play
  • encourage children to express themselves, take initiatives & decisions & solve problems
  • strengthen children in order to deal with today’s challenges so as to become active and responsible citizens of the world.


The educational programs are being implemented at the Children’s Museum of Athens, at schools and at other venues (factories, other museums & cultural sites etc.) all over Greece.



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