Hellenic League for Human Rights (HLHR)

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The Hellenic League for Human Rights (HLHR) is a civil society organization with many years of action in the field of human rights protection.

HLHR is a member of the National Committee for Human Rights, the Migrants Integration Council of the Municipalities of Athens and Thessaloniki and the Racist Violence Recording Network. It is also a member of the International Federation for Human Rights and the European Organization for the Protection of Human Rights. Since 2011 HLHR, in collaboration with the Center for European Constitutional Law, has been selected by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights as a national focal point with an aim to collect data and information on issues related to fundamental rights and discrimination.

The areas of HLHR’s intervention include, among others: minority rights, migration and asylum, hate speech and racist violence, justice and the penitentiary system, freedom of expression and church-state relations. The means by which its objectives are met are the study of citizens’ problems as well as the submission of proposals and legislative regulations for their resolution, advocacy, provision of legal aid, strategic litigation, public awareness raising and deepening of public discourse on human rights through the organization of lectures, conferences, publications and other events as deemed appropriate in each case.

Έργα του φορέα-εταίρου


Strengthened civil society advocacy and watchdog role


Gender equality promoted and Gender-Based Violence combatted


Increased support for Human Rights