Gender equality on the front page

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Despite the significant changes that have taken place in terms of legislative interventions, gender equality in Greece has not been substantially ensured. Linguistic sexism is a very common form of sexism and is the gender discrimination that is reflected in the language which has recently taken on another dimension due to the ever-increasing popularity of social networks and the ease with which people can express themselves. On a public discourse level, sexist stereotypes are found daily in the Greek media.

The aim of the project is to raise public awareness and change the mentality of the general public, in this case the average male audience aged 18-55, as well as to train journalists, citizen journalists and journalism students in order to minimize and in the long run eliminate the use of sexist language as well as the representation of gender stereotypes as expressed through the majority of modern media. The ultimate goal is to promote gender equality and eliminate gender discrimination and gender-based violence, articulating an inclusive discourse in the light of guaranteeing fundamental human rights and promoting social cohesion and sustainable development.

The project includes the following activities:

1. Informative project launch event
2. Recording of good practices from other countries regarding the non-use of sexist speech by the media and submission to the competent bodies
3. Drafting of a code of ethics for journalists and submission to the competent bodies
4. Training seminars for journalists, citizen journalists, journalism students
5. Raising awareness campaign through regular articles, podcasts and a mini docu series
6. Final Project Results Diffusion Event.

The partnership of the oldest human rights association in Greece (ELEDA) with one of the largest online media groups in Greece (Liquid Media) ensures the successful implementation of the project.