Icelandic Human Rights Center (ICEHR)


The purpose and aim of the Icelandic Human Rights Center (ICEHR) is to promote human rights by collecting information on and raising awareness of human rights issues in Iceland and abroad. The Center works to make human rights information accessible to the public by organising conferences and seminars on human rights issues and by providing human rights education. The Center also promotes legal reform and research on human rights.

The Center has managed the EU Progress Programme for Iceland for the years 2009-13, it coordinated and hosts the Human Rights Education Project, it works closely with the other Nordic Institutes and it is a member of the Nordic School of Human Rights Research, the AHRI network, UNITED and the Coalition for the OP-ICESCR.

The Center has a monitoring role, has, since its inception, commented on dozens of bills of law and public policy and has provided information to international monitoring bodies on the state of human rights in Iceland.

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