Icon Greece

Eastern Macedonia and ThraceSouth Aegean

Icon Greece (Inclusion in COmmuNity) was initiated as an informal group of educators and students aiming to enhance inclusion in the school community –for students with special skills and / or different cultural backgrounds. In 2019 the informal group was developed in an NGO as Icon Greece. The organization is based on Rodos island in the South Aegean Region, reaching all the islands of the Dodecanese and having affiliations in mainland Greece.
Icon’s vision is to focus on the image of the other; thus icon means image in Greek language. The organisation designs activities that promote empathy, through the image we have of ourselves and others around us. Icon started with educational projects at the context of extracurricular activities such as Environmental, Culture, Health Promotion, Creative Assignments or Career Guidance programmes.

Icon implements activities in collaboration with organizations and acquired experience and new members while it broadened its scope of activities by designing and implementing training programmes, by consulting with organisations, by partnering with governmental and non-governmental organizations for inclusion and diversity, by participating in European programmes Erasmus plus, Creative Europe, Europe for citizens. Gradually, Icon has expanded its scope of work beyond the school community with emphasis on working closely with families and the friendly environment of individuals with different backgrounds to address inclusion in community.

Έργα του φορέα-εταίρου


Gender equality promoted and Gender-Based Violence combatted