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The Lambrakis Foundation aims to contribute to the progress and development of Greece by investing in education and lifelong learning and promoting sustainability and social cohesion.

In particular, the Lambrakis Foundation’s objectives are the following:
a) Contributing to the qualitative improvement of formal education in Greece, through the presentation of modern practices and approaches in existing fields of study and through the proposal of new fields and skills based on modern international scientific data in education.
b) Increasing and upgrading learning opportunities for the entire population of the country (including vulnerable populations).
c) Strengthening equal access to educational and social goods and to the labor market
d) Identifying pathogenic sectors at a national level (e.g. corruption) and to undertaking educational initiatives to combat them.
e) Strengthening innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and extroversion.

In this context, the Lambrakis Foundation introduces new practices, which are piloted, evaluated, expanded and further developed in a sufficient number of beneficiaries, and organizational approaches that enhance the prospect of adoption by the state, by ensuring that a significant number of beneficiaries have been trained and may act in a multiplying way within the state environment.
The Lambrakis Foundation has carried out many actions at a national level. The educational program “I Care & Act” is indicatively mentioned here. The initial funding for the program came from the “We are all citizens” program of the EEA Grants in 2014 (Bodossakis Foundation being the Fund Operator) and was initially implemented in 10 schools in Attica and since 2015 it is being implemented in all regions of the country with a total participation of 511 schools, 3,800 teachers, 52,500 students and 1,850 Civil Society Organizations and social partners. This program is implemented by the Non-Profit Association Desmos and the Lambrakis Foundation, which has taken full responsibility for its design, scientific framing and monitoring, its implementation in schools, its coordination at a national level and its management.
The Lambrakis Foundation specializes in Education and its activities focus mainly in the fields of Education and Lifelong Learning by developing programs, interventions, multifaceted educational or informational materials, educational networks, learning communities, training and educational seminars, empowerment, informational or awareness raising programs, workshops, conferences, e-learning apps, non-formal learning activities and informal learning opportunities for people of all ages, from preschool children to the elderly. The objective the initiatives is determined according to the national data and needs in the field of education and lifelong learning and the priorities set by the Lambrakis Foundation in collaboration with its partners. Indicatively and not exclusively, the following kind of initiatives are mentioned: programs of innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, education and empowerment of women and children of refugees, volunteering culture and solidarity, environmental education, sustainability education, literacy and creative writing, etc.
The Lambrakis Foundation has highly specialized staff in the field of Education and an extensive network of external experts, researchers and academics throughout Greece, that is activated based on the objective of each project. One of the 114 unique implemented projects is an education and empowerment program of refugee women, which was implemented with very good results in 120 women in 2017-18. The Lambrakis Foundation as a valid partner has access to the public education system and develops partnerships with a variety of bodies. The Lambrakis Foundation also has partners with qualifications and professional experience in psychology, learning theories and methods and specializes in designing innovative and sustainable projects. It has a network of specially trained highly qualified associates around the country, who undertake the coordination and supervision at a more local level. Finally, on behalf of Desmos, the Lambrakis Foundation undertook the entire planning, implementation and management of the “I Care and Act” program, which was presented as a best practice of the “We are all citizens” program.

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