Myrtillo is a Social Cooperative Enterprise with a special purpose (the integration of vulnerable groups into the labor market), and operates as a café and arts center, in the mandated buildings of The Municipality of Athens ( Park for Culture and Children). These buildings were developed with funds of the Norwegian government as a training facility for the disabled war wounded (1959). 90% of Myrtillo Café’s employees are from vulnerable social groups (young adults living with neurological and sensory disabilities). Currently, there are 14 young adults that are employed at Myrtillo. Since 2017 all the employees are members of the Enterprise taking on responsibilities as equal members co responsible for the viability of the business.

In the six years of operation, Myrtillo Café has received awards and recognition twice. (Social Enterprise of the Year 2014 and Estia Excellence Awards 2019) and has had a major impact on its community in Greece and on an international level.

The main goals of Myrtillo Café are as follows:

-Reinforcement in the daily activities of the employees from new functions and interaction with organizations and the community.

-Expansion of its events as an arts center. Since 2016 over 800 events have taken place, such as business seminars and workshops and aim to increase the number of seminars.

-Enquire about partnerships, with the aim to create a “Social and Educational Reform” in order to spread and replicate the acquired technical know- how.

Myrtillo offers an ideal opening to the community in a vibrant integration environment.

Έργα του φορέα-εταίρου


Strengthened civil society advocacy and watchdog role