Roma without Borders


Roma Without Borders seeks to fill an essential gap in policy addressing social exclusion and discrimination against Roma. The primary objective of the organisation and the guiding principle for the planning of its activity is the defense of fundamental rights for the vulnerable Roma group. With the ultimate goal of improving the educational and living standards of the Roma, their social equalization and their equal participation in all sectors, it is sought to ensure their basic human rights (right to health, education, work, integration) with the support and empowerment of particularly vulnerable population groups, Roma women and children. In particular, the organization aims to:

– The provision of information services, advisory support and professional guidance for the members of the Roma community

– Ensure the attendance and school inclusion of Roma students

– Fight discrimination and exclusion of members of the Roma community through the awareness of the wider society

– Ensure social cohesion and stability through the smooth coexistence of all citizens of Greece

– To increase the level of social, cultural and functional literacy of the Roma and their inclusion in the social context

Έργα του φορέα-εταίρου


Vulnerable groups empowered