The Care Association People with Mental Disabilities of the Rodopi Prefecture Agioi Theodoroi

Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

The Care Association People with Disabilities of Mental Disability of the Rodopi Prefecture “Agioi Theodoroi” was founded in 1981 by parents of people with Disabilities of mental disability and sensitized citizens of the Rodopi Prefecture.
It is a Charitable Association incorporated in the Private Sector National Body Record non-profitable and especially Certified L.P. in P.L., as non-profitable social care service provider. It is administered by a nine-membered Board of Trustees which is elected every three years. The Board of Trustees is composed of the President, the vice-President the secretary, the Treasurer and five members. Of the nine members of the Board of Trustees, five are parents and guardians of P with D. It is a full member of the National Confederation of people with Disabilities (N.C.P.with D.) and the Parent and Guardian Associations of People with Disabilities Pan-Hellenic Federation (P.G.A.P. with D.P.F.).
It counts 450 members and it is recognized as the most essential and only service Association in the Rodopi Prefecture, to adult P with D of mental disability. Today is services 25 adult and 23 underage members with heavy mental disability (Down syndrome, general mental developmental disorder etc). In addition, the Association made the first supported Living Residence (SRL) in Thrace.

Of its most important goals is the relief and solidarity – in every way and by all means – of adult P with D of mental disability of the Rodopi Prefecture in every aspect of their life and their social integration and mutual acceptance so that they can function one day – as far as possible – as self – serviced and equal members in the social unit.
To achieve the above goal it materializes Programmers of Creative Work, self – service, and physical Education in the MENTALLY DISABLED P. with D. ADULT CENTRE (M.D.P. with D. A.C.) for 25 adult and 23 underage P. with D. of mental hysteresis who have already graduated from the Special School of Komotini and it offers to them social care services, as in the facilities of the Mentally Disabled People with Disabilities Adult Centre (N.D.P. with D.A.C.) there are programmers of development of their individual and social skills, self-service, entertainment, socialization, physical activity and health education.

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