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Transparency International-Greece (TI-GR) was founded in 1996 with the main purposes of its activities being to inform the citizens and raise awareness about the dangers of corruption in Greece and at the same time to promote substantial systemic changes for a more transparent society. Corruption undermines democracy and favours human rights abuse by trapping millions of people in poverty every day. TI-GR is part of a global network of Transparency International organizations in other countries and is able to draw on relevant know-how and support.

Transparency International-Greece (TI-GR) is working steadily to achieve its goals, which are:

• The fight against corruption by systematically implementing new institutions that will encourage good governance with transparency.

• Taking action to restore institutions and fight corruption.

• Informing and raising public awareness about the dangers of corruption, so that the citizens realize that democracy, social justice and solidarity are being undermined.

• Addressing indifference regarding issues of lack of transparency and of functioning of institutions that forms in citizens the perception of tolerance towards corruption.

• The promotion of collaborations both on a national and on an international level.

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