20 years of Callisto – The needs for strategic & organizational development

18 months
120.000 €
120.000 €
Strengthening the capacity and sustainability of civil society
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With this project, Callisto will support its strategic goals and vision, which are summarized in the protection of wildlife and nature as a public and common good from interests that may harm the protection and management of populations and habitats of large carnivores (such as bear and wolf) and other endangered species of fauna. Callisto wishes to intensify efforts to mobilize conscientious and informed citizens to exercise control over decision-makers and to address the major, universal environmental and social problems of our time.

Callisto will soon celebrate 20 years of action and wishes to increase her impact, have a higher visibility of her work, develop her internal processes, strengthen her sustainability capacity as well as contribute to the empowerment of citizens in the community with a focus on environmental issues.
On the basis of these objectives and by covering jobs that are currently not fully covered, the grant will contribute towards strengthening the organization’s advocacy and supervisory role, empowering citizen participation (adults and minors) and developing its internal processes. This will reinforce the objective of defending the human right to a safe and healthy natural environment with a focus on sustainable development and its objectives.

The development of the advocacy, communication and monitoring of internal processes will strengthen the organization’s communication capacity and enable the organization to engage in long-term solutions to the critical issues it deals with in the periphery of the country and in the decision-making centres.