Cultural Diplomacy Youth Forum – Agora

6 months
4.280,00 €
4.280,00 €
Increased citizen participation in civic activities
AtticaCentral Macedonia

The initiative under the name “Cultural Diplomacy Youth Forum – AGORA” will be the starting point of the participation of the young people with concerns in order to establish a new social debate on the Greek cultural identity.

By taking part in it, the participants will have the opportunity to be members of an establishment which realises the very essence of democracy by cultivating moral virtues such as respect for discussion and diversity of opinion while giving them at the same time the opportunity to express their personal opinions leading thus to the development of the sense of their personal and collective responsibility.

This initiative will include the presentation of the key aspects of Cultural Diplomacy. Interactive exercises with contemporary examples of Cultural Diplomacy will follow presented by the means of technological tools (of non-formal education). After that, a debate will follow on the basis of specific questions. At the same time, our event will be video recorded in the website of our institute which has 20.000 subscribers.

In conclusion, the people who will benefit from this venture will be young people aged 18-30 years old who will actively participate in making political decisions during public debates and who will promote volunteering and mutual respect. In the end of the event, they will be able to have an overall view on specialised aspects of political life such as Cultural Diplomacy.

Finally, the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy will undertake to organise, plan and hold the educational events for the public while providing its expertise in the field of Cultural Diplomacy.