Empowering Shedia

12 months
147.880 €
147.880 €
Strengthening the capacity and sustainability of civil society
AtticaCentral Macedonia

Since inauguration in 2013, Shedia has supported over 1,000 persons with high vulnerability due to extreme poverty and social exclusion. Growth and measurable social impact have always been top priorities for the organization.

The program will form the backbone of Shedia’s 3-year strategy, which has two goals: (1) the assessment and strengthening of Shedia’s social impact, through a more holistic and impactful support of beneficiaries (Programmatic goal); and (2) the optimization of Shedia’s internal governance and sustainability structure, primarily through the increase in expert core staff (Organizational goal).

The first Programmatic goal will be achieved through (a) the creation of a holistic support program for Shedia’s beneficiaries, targeted to their needs, through selected partnerships and organizations (focusing on psychosocial support, accounting, legal and employability support, as well as skill building); (b) the systematic program assessment in relation to measurable impact, as well as the optimization of operations in programs and the sale of the street paper; and (c) the increase in social impact through the increase in programs and locations, as well as through the sale of the street paper in another 4 cities.

With regards to the second Organizational goal, the optimization and strengthening of internal governance will be achieved through (a) the creation and development of a competent and impactful Programs Department, leading all operations; (b) the creation and development of Departments in Communications, Development and Advocacy; (c) the development and capacity building for all staff through systematic assessments and trainings; (d) the development of a strong internal culture for accountability, data analysis and transparency, through systematic financial and data reporting.

Funding from this program covers the costs for the key staffing needs for the Strategy’s implementation, mainly the labor costs for the Heads of Programs, Communications and Development. The designed Strategy, and Shedia’s programmatic impact, addresses all components of ACF’s goals – from empowering support to the most vulnerable to building advocacy, defending human rights, strengthening civil society and its organizations.