Establishment of a Cooperation Network of Organizations Acting in the Field of Wildlife Care in Greece

18 months
79.660,29 €
79.660,29 €
Platforms and networks among CSOs developed
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The project aims to create a network of cooperation of at least 12 organizations, groups, and bodies, dealing with wildlife care in Greece. It will focus on the following problems:
– Reduced communication and lack of coordinated action
– Lack of a common operating framework and good practices
– Reduced opportunities in human resource management, especially in terms of attracting and managing volunteers.
– Blurred and inadequate institutional framework

Two workshops will be held. Approximately 20 individuals from 14 organizations and bodies involved in wildlife care will participate in these workshops. The first workshop will take place in Paros, where the ALKYONI Aegean Wildlife Hospital operates and the second will take place in Athens, where the Project Promoter and the Partner are based. The objectives of these workshops are:
– the design and creation of a communication channel between the organizations, bodies, and groups of the under establishment network.
– the preparation of a Cooperation Charter – Code of Conduct that will specify the minimum principles related to the care, welfare, and rehabilitation of the wild animals treated. These principles must rule the operation of all the members of the network in relation. All the members should commit to these principles by signing the Charter before the end of the project.
– the preparation of a Guide for Volunteer Engagement & Management that will help the organizations in finding volunteers, improving their management, and support their systematic training.
– the formulation of joint proposals towards the State authorities for institutional changes that will facilitate the operation of organizations and bodies involved in wildlife care and rehabilitation.

In addition, tours will be organised in wildlife care facilities and releases of rehabilitated wild animals back to nature will take place. The immediate beneficiaries are the 14 organizations, bodies, and groups that will participate in the project, their members, staff, and volunteers and are estimated at about 1,000 people. The project will be implemented by the Association for the Protection and Care of Wildlife ANIMA in collaboration with ARCHELON-Association for the Protection of the Sea Turtle.