Exit through the grocery

6 months
Increased support for human rights
Central Macedonia

The project will address the need for awareness and education about gender-based violence, and the need for a diverse support network in the city helping with escaping the cycle of violence. While the #metoo movement recently made its way until Greece, GBV victims may now see some hope in the act of speaking against their perpetrators. But if speaking is liberating, being heard is what has a real impact and can break the cycle of violence. Individuals may experience feelings of shame, fear, guilt and mistrust, preventing them from seeking help.
This problem will be addressed by providing a training workshop to ambassadors of local shops/service spaces who are in contact with the public in their daily activity, for them to be able to understand the situation and the mechanisms of GBV and learn how to provide initial support to victims who need to escape the cycle of violence.

The training workshops will be provided in our space in Thessaloniki to two groups of 10 people from the local community who are interested in being educated to GBV and to find concrete solutions to support the victims. There will be two 3-day workshops (Friday and weekend).

The project is going to present two-direction results. Firstly from the workshops there will be two different artistic outcomes that will exhibited in Thessaloniki’s various places, accompanied with a brochure contacted by the workshop participants, stating the principal information about GBV.Second result and related to the core of the project, is having participants in position to identify a GBV victim and provide her the basic information brochure with all authorities that can contribute to her exit from the cycle of violence

Training participants will raise their awareness on gender issues and GBV through informal and interactive methodologies like group work, role play, debates, creative activities. They will be able to multiply their knowledge and good practices skills to their colleagues and peers.
By the end of the project, victims will have more opportunities to escape the cycle of violence thanks to the awareness and adequate support from our network of safe spaces in Thessaloniki, as 20 spaces will be prepared to act and accompany them. The local community of Thessaloniki will have developed its general awareness towards GBV.