Our Square, our Place

3 months
5.531,30 €
4.978,17 €
Increased citizen participation in civic activities
Western Greece

In the difficult pandemic period of COVID-19, overcrowding in closed spaces endangers public health. For this reason, a large percentage of citizens now choose to spend their free time in open public spaces such as squares. Thus, the value of the square has been redefined as well as its usefulness as a place of relaxation, socialization and activity. Today, the need for clean, lively and accessible squares is more relevant and necessary than ever.

As far as the city of Messolonghi is concerned, one can become aware of the degradation of its squares and the lack of strategic planning by the local authorities for their regeneration. Lack of greenery, urban equipment and infrastructure that allows access to the disabled, reveals their long lasting abandonment.

The project “Our Square, Our Place” focuses on the revitalization of one of the many squares of Messolonghi, located in a central neighbourhood of the city. Milestone of the project will be a day of open dialogue in which a participatory design workshop will be implemented using innovative for the city structured dialogue methodologies such as World Café and Open Space Technology, etc.

Participants will be local authorities, entrepreneurs and residents of the neighbourhood. The goal will be to give a voice to citizens to express their needs and ideas for targeted urban improvement interventions of the square but also for events that will turn the square into a vital core of the neighbourhood. During the following period, “Messolonghi by Locals” in collaboration with the citizens will carry out some of the co-decided actions where they will see their ideas become reality.

The project will be a good practice and example for the participatory planning of future renovation projects of public spaces in the city where citizens will play a key role in the decision-making process.