Supporting golden age’s human rights: Human rights protection for older adults (65+) with dementia and depression

14 months
77.018,18 €
69.316,36 €
Increased support for human rights
Central Greece

Dementia and depression have a complex relationship, threatening the health of older people. Defending the rights of the elderly with dementia and depression will ensure their good health and quality of life. The project will be implemented through actions to inform and develop the skills of public officials in the Regional Units of Fthiotida and Evia of Central Greece, in combination with advocacy actions to inform and empower family caregivers. The target groups and those directly benefiting from the project’s main activities are: 40 civil servants in civil protection bodies, representatives of the justice system, social institutions and the church, 80 family caregivers for the elderly with dementia and depression, 20 policy makers, 80 representatives of civil society organizations in Greece and Europe and 10 media representatives, with multiple benefits.

The project will be carried out by the Hellenic Society of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders of Chalkida and the Greek Carers Network EPIONI:
The informative actions will be carried out with the methodology of participatory training by Alzheimer Chalkida, through lectures, case studies and working groups for authentic interaction amongst the target groups. Collaborative tools will be developed to defend the rights and respect the special needs of the vulnerable groups. The approach is based on the United Nations’ principles of participation, accountability, non-discrimination, empowerment and legitimacy.
The advocacy actions will be carried out by EPIONI through a presentation of the short edition of the European Directive on Unofficial Caregivers, in the context of the work-life balance. Upon completion, agency representatives will be able to promote the process of integrating the vulnerable groups into society and caregivers will understand the issues of exercising their rights. An event will be held in Athens to spread good practices with the participation of policy makers, civil society and the media.

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