Special Olympics Hellas

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Since 1988, Special Olympics Hellas is a part of Special Olympics International. It is the largest and most active sports and educational Non-Profit Organization, which with its actions aims at the substantial empowerment of people with intellectual disabilities, through sports.
The organisation provides motivation for activation, push athletes to set goals, do what they love, develop their potential, develop physically, mentally and spiritually, participate in the joy of sport in an environment of respect, acceptance and inclusion, socialize and to excel with their will and effort. The aim of Special Olympics Hellas is to reach every remote area of Greece and giving more opportunities and actively involving people with intellectual disabilities in the local communities.
At the same time, they aim to provide the necessary support and relief to the caregivers and families of the athletes, so that they, in turn, can help their children in the most correct and effective way.
Through all the competitions, actions and parallel programs, Special Olympics Hellas aims to integrate people with intellectual disabilities in all sectors of society, to inform and educate more people about intellectual disabilities, to deal with inequalities and in breaking down stereotypes, in the smooth and creative coexistence of people with and without intellectual disabilities well as in increasing the network of volunteers and supporters who will help realize their vision.

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