Women Center of Karditsa


Women Center of Karditsa was founded in 1992. Based on the Municipality of Karditsa, its operations extend within Karditsa regional entity. It participated in regional, national and international networks for equal opportunities in all areas of women’s interests.

Women’s Center of Karditsa fulfills its mission through the following objectives:

  • Employability and labour market counseling, information and support services to women of Karditsa
  • Active support to “underprivileged” women, such as single mother, migrants, victims of domestic violence
  • Support to working mothers in facilitating their mutlidimensional role (work and family responsibilities) through the operation of facilities and services
  • Partnerships with all stakeholders of labour, social, political and cultural areas of women’s interests
  • Information provision to women living in mountain or remote areas
  • Information and awareness on National and European programs supporting women’s entrepreneurship

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Strengthened civil society advocacy and watchdog role