Empowering citizens to actively participate in environmental matters “Learn – participate – protect the environment”

24 months
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Increased citizen participation in civic activities
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The climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and plastic pollution are among the most pressing issues of our times and their mitigation is vital for the transitioning of our society and economy into a more sustainable future. According to scientific evidence, the decade leading to 2030 will play a crucial role for this transition.

In 2019, the European Commission published the European Green Deal, which sets targets to mitigate climate change and environmental degradation, along with a roadmap of actions that describes all the necessary steps, policies, and initiatives that need to take place in order to achieve said targets. These targets remain and, in fact, are enhanced during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Green Deal, indicates that it is essential not only to set mitigation measures but also to effectively implement them.  It also notes that public participation is highly important to ensure that policies aiming to bring meaningful environmental reforms will be accepted by the public. To date, such measures have not been at the forefront of the public discourse in Greece. To promote public participation, citizens need to become aware of environmental issues, educated on their obligations and rights regarding environmental politics, understand the value of volunteering, and be informed on how to correctly use the variety of available media as sources of valid information.

The goal of the project is to strengthen the participation of specific groups of citizens in the public dialogue and to inform and educate them in the variety of means they can employ to actively participate in decision making related to urgent environmental matters. iSea, as the project leader, and the Green Tank, as a project partner, will cooperate and utilize their individual experience and know-how to enhance citizen participation in the public discourse relevant to environmental issues, with the aim to empower citizens to take part in the shaping of a more sustainable future.