Strategic Plan KEEPEA Orizontes 20222-2025

8 months
50.000 €
50.000 €
Strengthening the capacity and sustainability of civil society
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The preparation of the strategic plan of KEEPEA “Horizons” started in May 2021. It was based on a descriptive and analytical approach, using SWOT analysis, to identify internal strengths and weaknesses as a basis for self-assessment.
Furthermore, to identify external opportunities and threats. The analysis was used as a basis for the development of the strategic plan, including the vision, the mission, and the strategic objectives of the Organization. The purpose of the process is to counter weaknesses and maintain internal strengths, seize opportunities, and manage external risks through mitigation measures and ensure the achievement of the Organization’s vision. The Strategic Planning was completed with the full cooperation of the members of the Managing Board, the Staff, key stakeholders, and the Volunteers, in order to:

Ιdentify the needs and involve all stakeholders in the development of the goals and objectives of the Organization, raise participants’ awareness of the various steps required and drive home the vital importance of strategic planning for KEEPEA.

The plan aims to meet 5 strategic priorities and specifically:
Priority 1: Development and support of Human Resources and Volunteers
Priority 2: Increase and improve Resource Management
Priority 3: Improving the Efficiency and Quality of Services
Priority 4: Improving communication and promotion mechanisms
Priority 5: Development of the provided services and increase of the number of the beneficiaries

In addition, the Organization will make use of the NGO Capacity Building opportunities offered by the Active citizens fund program and especially the self-evaluation process, which will function diagnostically towards the project results as well as the increase of the knowledge capital as a result of our participation in the program in the area of project management, communication and measuring / evaluating the social impact of our services.