We focus on human!

18 months
150.000 €
150.000 €
Strengthening the capacity and sustainability of civil society

In the project “We focus on human!” EDRA and the foreseen actions of the Strategic Plan 2022-2024 are being strengthened organizationally. After 20 years of operation & service of 7.000 beneficiaries, the project aims to upgrade provided services & renew procedures, by introducing new methods & tools. The grant enables the upgrading of the volunteering department, the increase of advocacy actions for vulnerable groups, the strengthening of the financial viability of the organisation, the procedure optimisation, greater visibility, supply of technological equipment & appropriate software and the increase of beneficiaries’ number. It contributes to the renewal, maintenance – acquisition of new support equipment tools & services that are not covered by pre-existing grants, to the increase of know-how & development of human resources. The acquisition of new technology contributes to time savings, aiming at encouraging evolutionary process, ensuring better services, expanding to new audiences & re-establishing profile in existing ones, as with the final recipient being the vulnerable groups.
Sustainability results:
● Flexibility – responding to emerging social needs and changes
● Quality services
● Improving communication with organisations & beneficiaries
● Efficiency of implemented projects, execution & rational use of resources
● Execution of new projects that contribute to economic viability
● Intensify actions to ensure sustainability & consolidation towards supporters, with staff empowerment

The project is linked to the expected results of Active citizens fund, aiming at:
● strengthening citizen participation in the public by activating the volunteer movement
● strengthening advocacy & supervisory role of NGOs, by increasing advocacy campaigns
● human rights advocacy, with better service delivery & advocacy actions
● empowerment of vulnerable groups – empowerment of capabilities & sustainability of civil society, with the organisational empowerment of EDRA & its services.