Additional Activities for Project Promoters of ACF Projects

31 MAY 2023
18 MAY 2023

The purpose of the call is to submit additional activities that fall within the scope of projects already funded by the Active citizens fund programme and which are in progress. With their proposed additional activities, Project Promoters should aim to enhance the achievement of the goals of their projects, for which they will receive additional funding.

“Additional activities” as defined in this call, refer to activities that expand or complement the ongoing project, with their implementation resulting in additional measurable outcomes and deliverables. The proposed additional activities within this call cannot under any circumstances replace activities that have already been approved and included in the project funding agreement.

The proposals selected within this call must comply with the relevant “Guidelines for Additional Activities” and align with the objectives of the funded project as defined in the project funding agreement.

For each ongoing project, only one proposal for additional activities can be submitted.

Candidates should electronically submit their proposals to the address, with the subject line: “Additional Activities,” while completing and attaching the following:

  1. Application form
  2. Budget file

The deadline for submitting proposals for additional activities is May 31 at 17:00 (EEST). Only complete applications will be considered for evaluation.